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fleet management

Welcome to State Trucking, where we offer personalized truck dispatch services to enhance your journey. Our dedicated dispatchers ensure support even on holidays, so you can focus on driving while we manage the rest.

Expanding on our Fleet Management, State Trucking excels in:

  • Load Booking: We secure loads nationwide through our extensive network of reputable shippers and brokers, guaranteeing prompt payment processing.
  • Rate Negotiation: Our skilled team negotiates competitive rates with shippers and brokers, ensuring optimal profitability for your hauls.
  • Market Optimization: We strategically position your trucks in high-demand markets, minimizing downtime and maximizing earning potential.
  • Route Planning: Efficient routing guarantees timely deliveries and smooth return trips, saving valuable time.
  • Deadhead Mile Reduction: We prioritize reducing deadhead miles to cut fuel costs and enhance your overall profitability.
  • Paperwork Management: From paperwork to inspections, we manage all administrative tasks, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations and seamless transactions with brokers.

State Trucking maintains relevance across all service pages, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your trucking needs.

To get started, simply provide us with the necessary documents for setup and record-keeping. You can conveniently email them to us or upload them directly to our website.