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fleet management

Get ready for personalized dispatch services designed to elevate your trucking experience. With us, you’ll have a dedicated dispatcher by your side, ensuring support even on holidays, so you can focus solely on the road while we handle the rest.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Load Booking: We’ll find and book loads across the US, leveraging our network of direct shippers and brokers with impeccable credit history, ensuring you get paid in full.
  • Rate Negotiation: Our team negotiates with shippers and brokers to secure the best possible rates for your hauls.
  • Market Optimization: We keep your truck in high-demand markets to minimize downtime and maximize your earning potential.
  • Route Planning: Efficient routing ensures timely appointments and smooth home trips, saving you valuable time.
  • Dead Head Mile Reduction: We work to minimize deadhead miles, saving fuel and maximizing your profitability.
  • Paperwork Management: From paperwork to inspections, we handle it all, ensuring smooth transactions with brokers and DOT compliance.

We offer competitive dispatch rates with third-party brokers, based on your load type:

  • Straight Box 26′: 6% of total gross amount
  • Power Only: 6%
  • Dry Van 53′: 6%
  • Reefer 53′: 6%
  • Flat Bed 53′: 6%
    Alternatively, opt for our flat-rate of $150 per truck per week (Terms and conditions applied) for greater control over your loads. We guarantee increased earnings at the end of each week.
  • Box Truck $5K to 7K 
  • Flat Bed Hot Shot 6K to 8K
  • Power Only 7K to 9K
  • Flat Bed 48′ 8K to 10K
  • Dry Van 53′ 7K to 9K
  • Reefer 53′ 8K to 10K

To get started, simply provide us with the necessary documents for setup and record-keeping. You can conveniently email them to us or upload them directly to our website.

With our Fleet Management Service, we’re committed to maximizing your profits and ensuring a seamless trucking experience.

Terms and Conditions

  • More than 3 trucks: $150 fee will be charged.
  • Follow our dispatch plan 7 days a week: It's mandatory to adhere to our dispatch plan every day of the week.
  • If commitment isn't met: If we fail to fulfill our commitment, only a 2% charge of the gross total amount will be imposed, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.